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Snow Plowing

Whitney Painting & Sandblasting, Inc. offers snowplowing services to industrial and commercial businesses in and around the St.Marys area. We have the equipment and manpower to handle any snow or salting needs in a timely manner so your business won’t be interrupted in the event of a winter snow or ice storm. Call Mike (419-394-9000) for pricing information for your business.

Snow Removal Equipment
• 1 ton truck with Boss V plow & 2 ton V box salt spreader
• 3-14’ snow-pushers
• 4- 12' snow pushers on loaders
• 1-9’ plow on dump truck
• 60” plowand snow blower for sidewalks 3520 JD
• 2-8' plows on skid loaders
• 2-8' v plows on 3/4 ton trucks
• dump trucks & payloaders available for removal of snow from property

Customers include: Kroger, K-Mart, JC Penney, Pantry Pride, Veyance, AAP and more.


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